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Lon Riddle comes from a family in the appliance repair industry. Growing up, he helped in the family business, performing various administrative duties around the office and cleaning appliances brought in for shop repairs. As a teenager he assisted in the delivery and installation of appliances. As a matter of fact, one of his first solo projects was to install several appliances at a newly constructed house on Southridge Drive in Palm Springs (near Bob Hope’s house on the hill) in the early 80’s. Little did he know then that he and his wife would make this valley their home.

5 Restaurant-Quality Ovens for Your Home

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No Oven Dinner Recipes

Best Cookware for Baking

The holiday season is here, which also means baking season is here! But is your cookware ready for it? If you're in need of some upgrades, but you're not sure which brands deliver the best cookware for baking, look no further.
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Gourmet Dinner Party in One Oven! How to Do it Like a Pro.

If you love to entertain, then you’re all too familiar with the amount of work that goes into pulling off a successful dinner party. […]

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    Miele is Changing the Game: Introducing the Miele Dialog Oven

Miele is Changing the Game: Introducing the Miele Dialog Oven

Miele is changing the cooking game once again. As a part of their ongoing commitment to innovation and being a leader in the appliance industry, Miele recently introduced the Dialog oven. The fact that it was revealed at the IFA 2017 conference in Berlin, which is a platform for companies to reveal the latest and greatest technology, was no mistake. It's not hyperbole when we say that the Miele Dialog oven may change how we all cook one day.

Company Spotlight: U-Line

When it comes to under-counter refrigeration, no one has made a name for themselves quite like U-Line.

U-Line has a rich tradition dating all the […]

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Who Provides High-End Appliance Repair in Palm Desert?

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3 Common Failures on Sub-Zero Refrigerators

Rest assured, selecting a Sub-Zero refrigerator for your kitchen was a prudent decision. Sub-Zero has been on the cutting edge of refrigeration technology for […]

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    What Everybody Ought to Know About High-End Cooking Appliances

What Everybody Ought to Know About High-End Cooking Appliances

If you’re in the process of remodeling your kitchen, it’s likely that some high-end ranges have caught your eye. But as soon as you […]

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How To Clean Refrigerator Coils On Built-In Refrigerator

Cleaning your built-in refrigerator’s condenser coils is important. We recommend that you clean your condenser coils least twice a year, but certainly more than […]