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10 Steps to Building a Dream Kitchen

Building a Dream Kitchen

When you’re building your dream kitchen, there’s a lot to consider! What type of fridge do you want? Which brands should you choose? There are so many exciting decisions to make as you build your dream kitchen that it can be a bit overwhelming. Here’s a list of 10 appliance that set the bar for great kitchens.

#1: Select your refrigerator.

Standalone Refrigerators: You can choose from many popular standard refrigerator styles, such as French door refrigerators, freezer on top, and freezer on bottom configurations. Standalone refrigerator will typically cost less than other available options, and are a good choice if you plan to move the refrigerator within the next 10 years.

Under-counter Refrigerators: For a really innovative style, you might think about an under-counter refrigerator or refrigerator drawers. Under-counter refrigeration is a great way to conceal your refrigerator to avoid a cumbersome view. The under-counter option also allows you to customize your space: install a refrigerated draw for produce near your cooking area, a freezer drawer in the center island, and a beverage-style fridge in your main hangout area. Opportunities are endless.

Built-in Luxury Refrigerators: If you’re looking for a high-end look, consider a built-in or counter depth option. These refrigerators can seamlessly integrate into your cabinetry, giving the kitchen a classy, luxury feel.

Refrigerated drawers hide seamlessly in your cabinetry, making them a great option for small spaces and customized refrigeration.

Best Refrigerator Brands: When you update your kitchen, you want to make sure you have a top-brand refrigerator that will give you outstanding performance. We recommend Sub-Zero, Miele, and Liebherr among other top brands.

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#2: Select an ice machine.

The next step is to select an ice machine. Sure, your refrigerator/freezer comes with an ice maker, but when you’re hosting a party your ice maker is going to be woefully inadequate. With a good ice machine, you’ll never have to make a last-minute convenience store run for ice. We recommend Scotsman and U-line. When deciding between the two, consider your needs and learn more about their strengths.

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#3: Select a wine cooler or wine cabinet.

What is a dream kitchen without a place for your wine? Your choice of wine cooler or wine cabinet will depend on what kinds of wine you prefer, how they are best stored, and how much wine you want to keep on hand. We recommend Sub-Zero, U-line, and True.

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#4: Select your cooktop, oven, and/or stove.

There are so many options for selecting your cooking appliance, it’s hard to know where to start! You might want a traditional range with the stove and oven all included, or a counter cooktop with a wall oven unit. You may choose multiple ovens, especially if you like cooking for large groups. The possibilities here are nearly infinite, so let yourself dream big!

If you’re looking for a high preforming cooking appliance, we recommend brands such as Miele, and Wolf.

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#5: Choose a ventilation system.

Of course, you’ll need a ventilation hood over your cooktop or stove. There are many styles of ventilation that complement the design and theme of your kitchen. When it comes to purchasing a quality brand, consider manufacturers like Wolf and Miele.

#6: Choose a microwave.

If you think that all microwaves are equal, you haven’t been looking at the right microwaves! Check out the different features that different brands offer and pick one that’s going to be perfect for you. When you’re building your dream kitchen, you probably want to select an over the range style microwave or the built-in option. Browse selections from Miele and Wolf for a truly impressive and sleek looking design.

#7: Choose warming drawers.

Are you going all-out with your kitchen design? If so, look into adding an appliance like a warming drawer. Warming drawers keep your food hot and delicious. They have very practical uses such as keeping dinner warm for a family member who is running late and pre-heating plates and bowls on a cold day. Research options from brands like Miele & Wolf.

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#8: Pick a dishwasher.

The dishwasher you select will determine how easy it is to clean up after dinner, and how much time you’re going to be spending in the kitchen with your hands in soapy water. Pick a good one! We recommend a reliable, high-end brand and manufacturer.

#9: Get a built in coffee system.

If you’re like us, coffee is the most important part of the morning. Make the most of it with a built in coffee system! We love Miele.

built in coffee maker

#10: Extend your kitchen outdoors.

Who says your kitchen needs to stop at the back door? Take the party outdoors with an outdoor grill, counter, fridge, and ice maker. Wolf and Scotsman are both great brands for outdoor appliances.

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