AGA Heartland Ranges bring quality craftsmanship and personality to life. If you’ve been checking out range styles, knowing the features and key specs can help you determine what you need. We’ve done our homework and have targeted AGA range reviews to help narrow your search. Check out these three range styles to get a feel for Heartland.

AGA Heartland Range Reviews

AGA Dual Fuel Ranges

AGA range reviews will sing praises for the dual fuel models. The dual fuel ranges give you the precision of a gas range with the convenience of a modern convection oven.

Gas ranges are preferred for their power and control during cooking, while convection ovens offer faster and more even cooking. These dual fuel ranges give you the best of both worlds with a classic vintage look.

Width Options 30″ and 48″

Top Features:

  • high-efficiency gas burners
  • large capacity oven
  • temperature-controlled warming drawer
  • easy to clean grates

Product Details

48″ Dual Fuel Range

AGA Gas Ranges

You’ll love the AGA range reviews of these state-of-the-art gas ranges that boast a powerful 8,400 BTU output down to a gentle 1,000 BTU that allows you to simmer and warm your culinary delight without scorching.

The continuous style range top allows pots to glide across the surface with ease. And don’t worry about spillage- the sealed burners are a breeze to wipe clean.

Width Options: 30″ and 48″

Top Features:

  • HE gas burners with electronic ignition
  • easy clean
  • cook friendly timer
  • lighted cook surface
  • broiler drawer

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aga range reviews

AGA Electric Ranges

AGA range reviews are not complete without electric cooktops. These stunning surfaces distribute heat evenly as they maximize boiling performance as well as a low simmer. Clean up is hassle-free with this wipeable top and spills stay contained due to the recessed surface.
Width Options: 30″ and 48″

Top Features:

  • high performance ribbon burners
  • temperature sensor cooking
  • cool-to-touch safety indicators
  • bridge element with warming zone

Product Details

electric aga range

When your range needs service, contact our technicians for expert AGA repair. We’re on the job!