dacor dishwasher won't drain

Have you noticed standing water in the bottom of your Dacor dishwasher after a wash cycle? Drainage problems are always a pain, but usually, it’s not too difficult to find out why your Dacor dishwasher won’t drain properly.

It’s not uncommon for dishwashers to have drainage issues, so we’ve put together a list of the usual suspects when it comes to dishwashers that fail to drain.

Why Is My Dacor Dishwasher Not Draining?

Broken Drain Pump

Dishwashers use a drain pump to suck out the water left in the dishwasher at the end of a cycle. If this pump breaks, you’ll still hear the motor trying to pump the water at the end of the cycle, but the pump won’t actually suck anything out.

Drain pumps cannot be repaired, so you’ll need to replace the drain pump if this is the case when your Dacor dishwasher won’t drain.

Drain Solenoid Failure

To open the drain valve at the end of the washing cycle, your dishwasher uses a solenoid, which is a coil of wire that acts as an electromagnet, to release the valve. Sometimes this solenoid can burn out, causing the drain valve to stay closed after a wash cycle. This will then lead to your Dacor dishwasher won’t drain issue.

Clogged Drain Valve

If the drain valve at the bottom of your dishwasher becomes clogged with old food and other debris, it will keep your dishwasher from draining. Excessive clogging will make it difficult for your drain valve to actuate, making it impossible to drain the water in your unit.

Luckily, this is easy to clean out, which should fix your problem right away. If your drain valve still fails to open after you clean it out, it will need to be replaced.

Clogged Drain Hose

Just like the drain valve, the drain hose often becomes clogged and leads to a Dacor dishwasher won’t drain. Often, bits of ground up food and debris will get stuck to the hose just after the garbage disposal.

Broken Water Pump Belt

The motor that runs the dishwasher’s drain pump has a belt that can wear out over time. This belt can fail due to stretching, drying out, or snapping. A belt failure is usually easy to diagnose because you can hear the belt squealing for a while before it wears out.

Jammed Check Valve

The check valve is a part of the dishwasher’s drain assembly that is responsible for making sure that drained water doesn’t come back up the drain assembly into the machine. Sometimes this valve can get stuck closed due to some stuck food, or a stuck check ball.

If this is the case with your machine, try cleaning out the check valve and freeing the check ball. Usually, this will fix the problem, but if not, you’ll need a repair specialist to replace your check valve.

Clogged Garbage Disposal

Most dishwashers have a garbage disposal as part of the drain assembly. The garbage disposal grinds up any leftover food or small debris from the most recent wash cycle to keep the drain assembly from getting clogged. Over time the garbage disposal can become clogged, which will prevent your dishwasher from draining.

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