Scotsman home ice machines are known to be one of the highest quality ice machines on the market. With ice machines that boast gourmet ice with extraordinary taste and clarity, Scotsman residential has upped-the-bar for ice-cold beverages. In addition to their reputation for quality ice, the Scotsman brand is also known for excellent ice production with very little maintenance. However, all ice makers need some maintenance from time to time, especially if a home’s water source is considered to have hard water. To keep your ice maker producing pristine ice, a bi-annual Scotsman Ice Maker cleaning is recommended.

Scotsman Ice Maker cleaning: A Step-By-Step Guide

how often to clean scotsman ice machine

Image: Scotsman Home Ice

How Often Should I Clean my Scotsman Ice Machine?

Are you searching for the answer to “how often to clean Scotsman Ice Machine?” We recommend that your Scotsman residential ice machine is cleaned twice a year. The filters within Scotsman home ice machines adequately remove mineral build-up from accumulating and affecting the ice production, but they need a bit of help to keep issues from arising. Scotsman ice maker descaling bi-annually will also ensure that extra minerals within your water supply do not damage your ice maker’s internal parts.

Supplies You’ll Need to Clean a Scotsman Home Ice Machine

A tell-tale sign that your Scotsman ice maker descaleing is due is the taste and clarity of your ice has dropped from it’s original quality. Does your Scotsman ice maker ice tastes weird? Is your ice production lower from normal, or have flecks of impurities frozen into the ice? That is mineral deposits that are quite normal in general ice, but not ideal for the gourmet ice that Scotsman home ice machines produce.

For Scotsman Ice Maker cleaning, you’ll need to gather a few select supplies:

How to Clean Scotsman Ice Machine

After gathering the above items, follow the below steps for how to clean Scotsman ice machine and Scotsman ice maker descaling:

  1. Press & release the power button. The green light should begin to blink, indicating it will finish making and dispensing the last batch of ice.
  2. Once the ice is dispensed and the green light has stopped blinking, remove all ice from inside the bin of your Scotsman residential ice machine
  3. Press, hold for 5 seconds and release the power button and “clean reset” button simultaneously. A yellow light should begin to blink, indicating a cleaning mode.
  4. Pour the specified amount of Scotsman Cleaner Solution into the reservoir (generally, 8 ounces, depending on the model)
  5. Wait approximately 30 minutes for the unit to run the cleaner solution through its system. It can be normal to see slight foaming in your unit during this step.
  6. Press & release the power button to begin the flushing process of the cleaner solution. The yellow light will stop blinking and will show a constant solid yellow light.
  7. Wait another 30 minutes or so to allow the flushing process to complete.
  8. Press & release the power button once more. This will stop the flushing process. All lights on the unit should shut off at this point.
  9. Using the soft cloth and gentle scrub brush, thoroughly clean the ice bin with cleaner solution, removing any scale deposits.
  10. Rinse the entire bin using 1 gallon of hot water, making sure to rid the unit of any remaining deposits.
  11. In the bucket, mix 1 ounce of bleach with 2 gallons hot water. Using your rubber gloves, apply the hot bleach solution to the entire bin to thoroughly sanitize it.
  12. Finally, press & release the power button again to restart your Scotsman residential ice maker

For more specific details on your Scotsman ice maker cleaning, visit the below PDFs for the model of your Scotsman residential ice maker for quick guide to cleaning and descaling your model.

Scotsman Residential Ice Maker SCC50

Scotsman Residential Ice Maker SCN60

Scotsman Residential Ice Maker DCE33

Scotsman Residential Ice Maker SCC30

Scotsman ice maker descaling process is a rather simple, but necessary task to keep your ice clear, pure, and gourmet. After following this guide, if your Scotsman ice maker ice tastes weird, or your Scotsman ice maker descaling process hasn’t solved your ice production issues, consider contacting our professional Scotsman Ice Maker technicians at DeserTech Appliance Service. We service and repair all Scotsman appliances, including Scotsman Ice Makers, Scotsman Bar Refrigerators, and Scotsman Wine Cooler units.