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How to Clean Your Sub-Zero Fridge

The Sub-Zero is an incredibly easy and convenient refrigerator to use, and it is even easier to clean! Follow these simple procedures to clean your Sub-Zero

The Sub-Zero is an incredibly easy and convenient refrigerator to use, and it is even easier to clean! Follow these simple procedures to clean your Sub-Zero:

Turn off power to the section you’re cleaning:

It is best to clear your Sub-Zero only after you have turned off the power to the section you are going to clean. The Sub-Zero is equipped to let you turn the power off without having to unplug your refrigerator. In fact, you can turn off power to individual sections. To turn off power to an individual section, follow these steps:

  • Touch ‘Power.’
  • Touch ‘Warmer’ for the section you want to turn off. Hold this button.
  • While still holding ‘Warmer,’ touch ‘Power’ again. You will see double dashes on the control panel.
  • Repeat these steps to turn the section back on.

Clean the interior of your Sub-Zero:

Remove shelves and drawers: All drawers, shelves, and door shelves are removable. To remove drawers, pull the drawers out until they stop, lift up to free them, and pull the rest of the way out. To remove interior shelves and door shelves, lift up from the bottom and tilt them out.

Wash the interior: Clean the interior with a solution of a mild soap, water, and baking soda. Do not use any abrasive cleaner on the interior of your Sub-Zero as it may scratch it. Also, do not use vinegar or any form of glass cleaner on the interior as these may damage the surface.

Clean shelves and drawers: Use a mild soap and warm water to clean the shelves and drawers. The glass shelves of the Sub-Zero are fully dishwasher-safe, but be sure to let them warm up to room temperature before immersing them in warm water. Submerging cold glass in warm water may result in cracking.

Return drawers and shelves to their correct position: Once the drawers and shelves are dry, place them back into the refrigerator.

Clean the exterior of your Sub-Zero:

Keep your stainless steel Sub-Zero refrigerator spotless and shiny with a gentle stainless steel cleaner. Never use an abrasive cleaner or a steel wool pad! Simply wipe down the refrigerator exterior with a stainless steel cleaner and dry it with a soft rag or paper towel. For extra luster, polish your Sub-Zero with a soft, dry chamois. And remember, always clean with the grain of your stainless steel.

Clean the condenser of your Sub-Zero:

Every three to six months, you need to clean your Sub-Zero’s condenser. The condenser coils are located on top of your refrigerator and are easy to access and clean. Just lift the front grate to reveal the coils, then use a soft bristle brush and a vacuum with a hose attachment to remove all the dust and dirt that has accumulated. Always vacuum with the grain of the fins to avoid damaging the condenser fins. When you clean your condenser regularly, your refrigerator will be able to hold the correct temperature better and will last longer as well.

Clean your refrigerator regularly to keep your food fresh, your kitchen beautiful, and your refrigerator functioning at its best.

Table of Contents

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