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How to Cook a Thanksgiving Turkey with Your Wolf Range

Cooking the turkey with your wolf range

There are many different tips, tricks, and hacks for making the perfect Thanksgiving turkey, but most of them center on making sure your turkey is cooked well enough to be safe. Since turkeys are a very large bird, it takes a long time to get the internal temperature high enough to be safe to eat. This puts you in danger of having a dried out turkey, which is not at all delicious.

Fortunately, Wolf makes it easy to make the perfect Thanksgiving turkey with very little hassle.

How to Cook the Perfect Turkey with a Wolf Oven

Use the convection roast setting at 350.

Set the black dial to “Roast.” This gets perfect, even heat all around the turkey. Then turn the red dial until it shows a temperature of 350. It will flash between the actual temperature of the oven and the desired temperature until the oven is preheated.

Roast Setting Wolf

Stuff your turkey – but not the way you’re thinking.

For a perfectly cooked turkey, don’t stuff it with bread crumb stuffing. Traditional stuffing keeps the internal temperature of the bird too low for too long, so once it’s hot enough to be safe the breast has dried out. Instead, make your cornbread stuffing separately and put a few halved onions and garlic cloves inside the turkey cavity. This will give your turkey amazing flavor while leaving plenty of room for air to circulate.

Use the temperature probe.

Use the temperature probe that came with your Wolf range to cook your turkey perfectly. Stick the probe deep inside the thigh, making sure not to touch the bone. (The bone conducts heat better than the muscle, making the probe show a higher temperature than the surrounding meat.)

Wolf Probe

Then simply connect the probe cord to the oven according to your user instructions, and your range display will show the temperature recorded by the probe.

Set the desired temperature to 165F, which is the safe temperature for poultry. The oven will beep when the probe reaches that temperature, so your turkey will be perfectly roasted without being overcooked for even a minute!

Table of Contents

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