High-end home appliances can do wonders in the kitchen. From helping you cook up a Master Chef-worthy meal to displaying food more like a showcase than a refrigerator. Sub-Zero refrigerators and Wolf ranges definitely fall into this category of elite kitchen appliances. If you own one of these quality units, you will soon be able to round out your collection with the new Cove dishwasher by Sub-Zero and Wolf.

The Sub-Zero Cove dishwasher will have all the same high-quality craftsmanship that the brand is famous for. It has been in the making for several years now, as the creators wanted to ensure that customers receive the best-possible wash from their investment. Top-of-the-line hardware combined with sleek style make the Cove dishwasher a must for your kitchen.

Cove Dishwasher by Sub-Zero Promises Perfection

When designing the Cove dishwasher, Sub-Zero sought to create the best of the best. This unit promises to not only leave dishes clean and crystal-clear but to be totally customizable to what dishes you load and how you load them. It’s various features make it a cut above other models.

sub-zero cove dishwaher

Three Dishwasher Racks

Sub-Zero’s Cove dishwasher features three racks to accommodate a huge load. Larger bowls and serving plates fit snuggly on the bottom, with room for larger utensils as well. The middle rack is perfect for smaller dessert dishes and drinkware, while the shallow top rack can hold a large quantity of silverware, and keep them separated enough not to cause scratches.

Adjustable Sections

The designers at Cove, understand that everyone has their own particular way of loading the dishwasher. With this in mind, the made the three racks adjustable, as well as different sections within each rack. Partitions fold away to allow you to safely load as many wine glasses as possible. These adjustments are key to American buyers who may have experienced frustration loading European brand dishwashers designed for smaller dishes.

Hundreds of Wash Cycles

We’re not exaggerating when we say that the Cove dishwasher by Sub-Zero and Wolf has hundreds of wash cycles. Over 200 actually. No matter how soiled your dishes are, this machine can handle the dirty work. Every angle is covered by three spray arms and over 40 jets, no matter how (or who) does the dishes that night.

Quiet & Extra Quiet Settings

When you’re relaxing with a glass of wine after a nice meal, no one wants to hear the whir and swish of a loud dishwasher. That’s why the Cove dishwasher was designed to be inherently quiet. And if that’s still not quite quiet enough, you can choose to slow down the wash for an Extra Quiet setting.

Functional Beauty

As you might expect from a high-end appliance brand, the Cove dishwasher combines form with function. The exterior blends in seamlessly with other Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances. Dishwasher controls are extremely user-friendly but hidden from view when the unit is closed. Green markers indicate what areas are adjustable and add a pop of color to the interior of the machine, much like the characteristic red knobs on a Wolf range.

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