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Coachella Valley Labor Day 2021: A Stress-Free Weekend Guide

coachella valley labor day 2021

There’s nothing quite like a Palm Springs Labor Day. The much-awaited “unofficial end of summer” will soon be upon us, and the long weekend that comes with it deserves zero stress and relaxation. There is a variety of fun and health-conscious leisure activities for the Coachella Valley Labor Day 2021. From lounging with a delicious drink to enjoying a round of golf on a beautiful day, let’s take a look at some of the activities and events that are available this year.

Coachella Valley Labor Day 2021

With a rise in Covid-19 concerns, the Palm Springs City Council recently revamped its city-wide regulations. Keeping your health a priority while enjoying this year’s Coachella Valley long weekend will be easy with our Stress-Free Weekend Guide.

Enjoy a Pool-Side Cocktail

palm springs labor day
Image: Ambitious Kitchen

Summer deserves a send-off with a cool pool and a refreshing drink. Nothing says Palm Springs Labor Day weekend 2021 like a Signature Palm Springs Cocktail. This DIY mixed drink uses five refreshing ingredients:

  1. Lime Juice
  2. Grapefruit Juice
  3. Vodka or Gin
  4. Cointreau
  5. Club Soda

Combine the lime and grapefruit juice, then the vodka/gin and Cointreau. Give it a shake in a cocktail shaker, and strain over a glass of ice. Add club soda to taste. For extra flair and a bit of zest, garnish with a slice of jalapeno and a bit of grapefruit or lime peel.

Indulge in a Round of Golf

greater palm springs labor day
Image: Visit Palm Springs

Greater Palm Springs has quite the reputation of being a golfers paradise. With over 100 beautiful golf courses to choose from, you’re sure to find a relaxing round of golf to enjoy this Labor Day.

Take in the Beautiful Sights

coachella valley long weekend
Image: Center for Natural Lands Management, Coachella Valley

The Greater Palm Springs area is infamous for its non-stop days of sunshine. Your long weekend during this Coachella Valley Labor Day 2021 can be stress-free while taking in the sights of our area. If you haven’t visited the Coachella Valley Preserve’s Thousand Palms Oasis, now is the time to do it! Located on the northern edge of Indio Hills, the Thousand Palms Oasis boasts a number of beautiful trails leading to breathtaking scenery. Lace up your hiking boots, grab your sunscreen, plenty of water, and head out for a stress-free day with natural social distancing.

Coachella Valley Labor Day 2021 will certainly be a stress-free weekend to enjoy. Whether you decide to have a relaxing “stay-cation” at home, or decide to spend your long weekend traveling, remember to keep DesertTech in mind when it comes to your home’s appliances. For extended vacations, don’t forget to give DesertTech a call to prep your home and its appliances for time away.

Table of Contents

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