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New Sub-Zero Column-Style Refrigerator & Freezer Combo Coming March 2017

sub zero 24 column refrigerator freezer combo ic-24ci

We are all looking to get the most out of our kitchen space. This is where the cutting edge design of Sub-Zero and Wolf has once again redefined the possibility of kitchen design.

Enter the innovative Sub-Zero IC-24CI. The the first ever 24” Sub-Zero Column-Style Refrigerator and Freezer Combo. Made not only to fit, but aesthetically blend with the smallest of kitchen spaces. This combination column acts as the perfect solution for high-quality food preservation, spacial maximization, and interior design.


Sub-Zero and Wolf, known for their big kitchen appliances, have now stepped into brand new territory. With the cost of living steadily rising, average household sizes shrinking and a continual growth of “foodie” culture, the American kitchen is becoming more and more of an “affordable” venture.

Those desiring the highest in refrigerator quality and design, but limited in space, can now actualize their vision for their home. Sub-Zero has raised the standard for big city life, vacation homes and condo living worldwide.

Jeff Sweet, product marketing manager for Sub-Zero commented on the design saying, “We think the IC-24CI will be a game-changer for us. Along with our other new refrigeration and cooking products, it gives us an exciting collection for small space kitchens, and a whole new way for consumers and trade to think about us.”


With a single door structure and the option for either a stainless steel or cabinetry front, this Sub-Zero Column-Style Refrigerator and Freezer Combo has impressed designers, builders, and consumers alike. This brilliant construction includes two separate cooling systems, NASA-inspired air purification, a magnetic door seal lock system and a microprocessor controlling the precise temperatures. Most designers have difficulty matching the traditional line that splits refrigerator and freezer in a single unit. But with the brand new single column design, kitchen designers have a far more visually appealing alternative to work with.

Love the design but want more space? Not to worry. The Sub-Zero Column-Style Refrigerator and Freezer Combo also provides a dual installation kit for two side by side units. Each unit comes with enhanced technology to maximize energy usage and food freshness. Strategic drawer locations near the evaporator maintain a temperature mildly cooler than the rest of the unit, while also sealing in humidity.

Tired of having to go out to buy extra ice for holiday gatherings and events? With the newly installed “max ice” setting, the IC-24CI increases ice production by 30 percent for a 24 hour period.

The Sub-Zero IC-24CI will be made available to consumers March 2017. Find more information here.

Table of Contents

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