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Suit Up for the 51st Annual Palm Desert Golf Cart Parade

51st Annual Palm Desert Golf Cart Parade

Every October, the streets of Palm Desert fill with golf carts and revelers for the annual Palm Desert Golf Cart Parade. It’s one of the biggest parties of the year in Palm Desert, and residents and visitors from all over the country wouldn’t miss it for the world.

The 2015 Palm Desert Golf Cart Parade starts at 1pm on Sun, October 25

Local individuals and organizations will parade down Palm Desert’s spectacular El Paseo with golf carts decked out, each more impressive than the last.

There will be food vending and shopping at booths filled with all things golf cart, not to mention fantastic shopping all the way down El Paseo. For the kiddos, there are also children-friendly activities.

For local businesses and organizations, the Palm Desert Golf Cart Parade is the perfect way to show support for the community while raising awareness for themselves, by decorating an eye-catching float that hundreds and hundreds of spectators will see. And for the community, the Golf Cart Parade is the perfect opportunity to relax, have fun, and celebrate their local hometown.

The Palm Desert Golf Cart Parade started in the early 1960s

The parade started as a Christmas in July celebration to have fun and boost business. It didn’t happen as an annual event until 1983. Now, instead of celebrating Christmas in July, the Golf Cart Parade celebrates everything having to do with golf carts: energy efficiency, convenience, and the way they help communities come together for a common interest.

Palm Desert Parade 2015

The 2015 parade is the 51st annual Palm Street Golf Cart Parade, and in honor of the number 51 the theme is “Area 51: Palm Desert Is Out Of This World.” Palm Desert residents are looking forward to a day filled with costumes, decorations, and activities that are all about aliens and space.

Golf Cart Parade

Come out for the 51st Annual Golf Cart Parade and get ready to have fun!

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