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Troubleshooting Guide: Wolf Oven Won’t Turn Off

Wolf oven won't turn off

Though a Wolf oven can deliver almost professional-grade heating, you won’t feel like an expert if it doesn’t turn off when it should. Why does my Wolf oven stay on when I turn it off? In many cases, the oven may need to be reset at the circuit breaker. Here’s how to troubleshoot common causes and solutions when your Wolf oven won’t turn off.

Help! My Wolf Oven Won’t Turn Off!

When your Wolf oven won’t turn off there could also be a part failure at play. We’ll detail how to assess for common malfunctions so your oven’s function can be quickly restored.

Wolf Oven Needs a Reset

Sometimes, a Wolf oven needs to be reset to respond to control panel commands. Before assessing for a malfunction when your Wolf oven doesn’t turn off, try resetting it at the circuit breaker. 

wolf oven not turning off
Image Source: Wolf

Here’s how to perform a Wolf oven reset:

  • Press the Off button on the control panel.
  • Turn off the oven’s circuit breaker in your home circuit breaker box for 30 seconds.
  • Turn the breaker back on to see if the control panel responds.

If your Wolf oven won’t turn off after a reset, turn the circuit breaker off again to assess for the following part failures.

Broken Heating Element

Electric ovens have a heating element at the top and bottom that provides heat during cooking. If the electrical wiring in either of these elements shorts out it can result in a Wolf oven not turning off. You may also notice the oven not heating evenly or the presence of burns or blisters on the heating element.

Multimeter testing can confirm that the heating element is broken by showing a lack of continuity. In this case, the heating element requires professional replacement.

why does my wolf oven stay on when I turn it off
Image Source: Wolf

Faulty Oven Control Board

A Wolf oven control board governs all functions by sending power to the appropriate one at the right time. If a control board relays shorts out, continuous power may be sent to gas or electric heating elements even when they’re turned off. If your Wolf oven won’t turn off even after the Off button is pushed, the control board may be faulty.

A professional oven repair service can best assess the control board and replace it if it’s at fault.

Temperature Control Thermostat Has Failed

When your Wolf oven stays on and doesn’t turn off, it’s possible that the temperature control thermostat has failed. This component monitors the oven’s heat fluctuations, signaling for more heat to maintain the set temperature if it gets too low. If the thermostat fails, it may continue to signal for more heat even if the oven is off.

As it’s not easy to test the temperature control thermostat, a professional repair service should assess and replace it, if necessary.

The professionals at DesertTech are experts in any high-end Wolf oven repair. When your Wolf oven won’t turn off, call to schedule your service as soon as possible.

Table of Contents

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