European dishwashers are very energy efficient, they achieve this partly by having a wash pump motor that does not draw a lot of power, which is good, however, just about all dishwasher wash pumps will stick if they sit idle for any length of time. Units that do not have energy efficient motors, have the power to break themselves free.

Therefore, our clients who leave for a period of time and their machines sit idle can return to a unit that does not work. Here are a couple things that can be done to help prevent this and avoid a service call:

A) There are several dishwasher cleaner/conditioners on the market that breakdown residue and detergent left behind from normal use. Some of the ones we have personally found to work: Dishwasher Magic, Miele conditioner, & Finish dishwasher cleaner. We suggest one of these be obtained and cycled in the unit, as directed, within the week prior to leaving for the season. This should be done at least once a year for better performance of your dishwasher.

B) It is recommended your dishwasher(s) be cycled at least once or twice a week to help prevent the pump from sticking. I know to some people this may sound a bit excessive but the manufacturers have said they designed the unit to be used, not just sit around.

C) If you are having cleaning and poor performance from your dishwasher, click here for problem solving