A comment we frequently hear regarding wine storage units: My wine refrigerator does not get cold enough.

This is true, wine “storage” units are designed to keep wine at storing and aging temperatures, not refrigerated temperatures. Therefore it will not achieve a temperature as cold as your kitchen refrigerator. Typically storing and aging temperatures range from 45 to 65 degrees, the proper way to check the temperature is to obtain the liquid temperature, not air temperature. Place some bottles of water in the unit, allow them to remain in the unit at least 48 hours and then check the temperature of the water itself using a thermometer designed for this.

Another question we are frequently asked: What temperature should my wine be kept?

We have asked people we have come across that are considered knowledgeable in this field and the best we can tell you is:

Red Wines 55 – 65 Degrees

White Wines 45 – 55 Degrees

Sparkling Wines 38 – 50 Degrees