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Wine Cooler Tips: Best Temperature for Storing Wine

how long can you store wine at room temperature

The main advantage of a wine cooler is being able to keep wine at the perfect temperature. But what is the optimal temperature for storing wine? That largely depends on the type. Some of the best wine coolers offer dual-zone refrigeration, with compartments that can keep wines at two different temperatures. We’ll review the ideal wine cooler temperature settings to get the most out of your white, red and sparkling wines. 

Enhance Your Wine With the Right Wine Cooler Temperature Settings

The ideal temperature for a wine cooler allows wine to age naturally, preserving the delicate flavor profile that can be destroyed by excessive heat or cold. Our wine aging guide details just how important this process can be to a wine’s quality and taste. However, white, red and sparkling wine all benefit from different wine cooler temperature settings. The following wine storage temperature chart lists the optimal settings and discusses how they enhance each type.

Best Temperature for White Wine

Ideal Temperature: 50-60℉

While white wines are best served cool, a standard refrigerator will leave them too chilled to release their full flavor when served. Excessive cold can even mute their flavor profiles completely. Wondering how to store wine in a wine cooler from pinot grigio to chardonnay? Setting your wine cooler compartment to 55℉ is considered ideal for most whites.

how to store wine in a wine cooler

Best Temperature for Red Wine

Ideal Temperature: 60-65℉

Wine cooler temperature settings should be warmer for red wines, with some experts even recommending room temperature. How long can you store wine at room temperature? As long as the room doesn’t go over 65℉, its aging and flavor shouldn’t be affected.

However, since the average room temperature is a little warmer or, at the very least, inconsistent, a wine cooler can best maintain the ideal temperature setting for most reds.

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Best Temperature for Sparkling Wines

Ideal Temperature: 40℉

Wondering how to store wine in a wine cooler if it’s sparkling? These wines benefit from a colder temperature to best enjoy the snap of their effervescent bubbles. A chillier temp also prevents the carbonation from becoming foamy when poured.

While a standard refrigerator is often set at around 40℉, its drier conditions could eventually dry out the cork and allow air to enter the bottle. While this won’t occur in the short term, a wine cooler still provides the best environment for long-term storage of sparkling wines.

optimal temperature for storing wine

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