Ice Maker Not Making Ice

Ice makers are one of the most convenient appliances for the modern kitchen. No filling and spilling ice trays, lots of perfect cubes at any time. They’re great, right? Of course! So if you notice your ice maker not making ice, it can be very frustrating.

Luckily, there are some things you can do to troubleshoot why your ice maker isn’t making ice. We’ve put together a checklist to run through when your ice maker isn’t working. From the obvious (is your ice maker turned on?) to the not-so-obvious fixes (is your condenser clean?), we’ve got you covered with these tips.

Troubleshooting Your Ice Maker Not Making Ice

  1. Make sure your ice maker is turned on.
    Okay, we know this may seem pretty obvious, but sometimes the simplest things get overlooked. If your ice maker is off, turn it on, and presto! You’ll have ice in no time.
  2. Check for any indicator/error codes.
    When your ice maker stops making ice, see if it gives you any error messages, and refer to your owner manual for further instruction.
  3. Ensure the ice maker door is sealing shut.
    If you notice that your undercounter ice maker has developed frost, check that the door seals tightly when closed. Wipe down the door gasket to remove any sticky residue to help it seal.
  4. Verify the ice maker temperature is set correctly.
    If the temperature on your ice maker is set too high or too low, this can cause your ice maker not making ice problem. Ensure that it is set to the temperature indicated in your owner’s manual.
  5. Clean the ice maker.
    Keeping your unit clean can help you avoid your ice maker not making ice. You may need to replace the water filter or have the condenser cleaned more often.
ice maker not making ice

If you run through these basic ice maker troubleshooting list and your machine still won’t make ice, give us a call. We offer undercounter ice maker repair on many brands including Sub-Zero, Scotsman, and U-Line.