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Why Is My Miele Washing Machine Leaking? Common Causes and Fixes


So, you stroll into your house, and you spot a teeny-tiny pool under your trusty washing machine. That’s never a fun sight to see! But before you get too worried, we’ve got your back. Let’s roll up our sleeves and figure out why you’re finding your Miele washing machine leaking all over the place.

Troubleshooting Your Miele Washing Machine Leaking

Hang on, before we dive into how to deal with a Miele washing machine leaking; remember, if things start looking hairy, or you’re unsure of any of these steps, make sure to call in the pros. No need to turn your kitchen into a swimming pool. Now let’s get started on troubleshooting Miele washing machine problems!

Too Much Laundry Jammed In

Ever tried getting into your old college jeans, and they just don’t give? Same deal with your washing machine. If you pack it to the brim, it can’t keep its balance, water could start spilling out, and you may find your washer won’t spin properly as well.

What to do? Ease up on the laundry load, and do more loads. Check your machine’s manual to find out the limit; it’s usually around 2/3 full max.

Why is my Miele washing machine leaking from underneath

Faulty Door Seal

The seal on your washing machine door? Think of it like a lifeguard – its job is to keep the water contained. If it’s past its prime, you’ll find water making a mess on your laundry room floor.

What to do? Check that seal now and then, and if you see any cracks or holes, you’re going to need to have it replaced. We’d recommend cleaning it often to avoid dirt obstructing the seal as well.

Washer Not Draining

A Miele washing machine leaking could also mean there’s a bit of a washer drainage issue. Maybe a blockage in the hose or the pump.

What to do? Take a look at the drain hose; any blockages or kinks in there? If not, the pump might be to blame. Next, check the filter and empty it out of any dirt or grime. If the pump behind the filter is damaged, you may need to call in some professional help.

Old Hoses Leaking

Why is my Miele washing machine leaking from underneath?  Sometimes, it’s as simple as an old hose or a hose that’s clogged or kinked. These guys are the water highway in and out of your machine, so if they’re not doing their job right, you’ll know about it. This includes the water hose going into your washer and the drainage hose going out.

What to do? Check your hoses every now and then. If they look a little worse for wear, get some new ones in there. While you’re at it, make sure the connections on the hoses are nice and tight and not leaking and that the hoses aren’t clogged or bent in a way that restricts water flow.

troubleshooting miele washing machine problems

Detergent Overdose

Sometimes, too much of a good thing can be bad, and this includes your laundry detergent. Overdoing it with the soap can lead to extra suds, which, in turn, can cause leaks.

What to do? Dial it back on the detergent. Stick to the recommended amount, and you’ll see a world of difference. And make sure never to use a soap that’s not designed for washers.

Water Inlet Valve Issue

The water inlet valve controls the water coming into your machine. If it’s damaged, it might start leaking.

What to do? Make sure that valve is nice and secure, and undamaged. If you think it’s damaged, get a pro to take a look.

A Miele washing machine leaking doesn’t have to spell disaster. A stitch in time saves nine, as they say, so keep an eye on your machine and maintain it regularly.

If you’re still finding little puddles, or you’re just not sure what’s going on, give us a shout at DeserTech Appliance Service. We’ve got a team of professionals who know their way around washer service. You relax, and we’ll sort out the mess.

Table of Contents

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